How lemtalk works?

Let see how it looks like to use lemtalk.

Your visitor


Open the chat

When a user wants to talk to you, he just has to click on the lemtalk button on the bottom right to open the chat.


On the chat window the user sees a box with people available in your team, a welcome message and can start the conversation.

New ticket

When the user sent his first message, a new ticket (in red) is added in your #talkus-support channel with the name of the channel to chat with him, followed by all messages sent by the user.

Open the ticket

When a member of your team joins the channel, the ticket in #talkus-support becomes "orange" to inform other members that someone is working on this ticket.

Visitor information

In the user channel, you see all information about the user and his messages. If the user already talked to you before, you'll see the whole history of the previous conversation.

Chat with the user

After joining the user's channel, just talk as if the user was with you. You can edit or delete your message, paste links, images or video.

Close the ticket

When the discussion with the user is over and you want to close the conversation, just type in the channel the command .end.

The channel automatically close and the ticket in #talkus-support will be moved to the channel #talkus-archive and become "green".

What happens when nobody answers the user?

Sometimes you are busy or unavailable. In this case, lemtalk will automatically fallback to email.

Email inquiring

If nobody talked to the user in the minute, an automatic message is sent to the user asking him his email (if lemtalk doesn't already have his email). This way, you'll be able to answer even if he left the chat.

Offline support

If the user left the chat, you can still send him messages in the Slack channel. A notification will be displayed on the user's button and he/she'll see them when opening the chat.

If the user doesn't check the messages, lemtalk will send him an email with the conversation.

User email

If the user want to continue the chat, he has the choice to come back to the live chat on your webpage or directly reply to the email.

In all case, all user's messages will be in the Slack channel and you never have to leave Slack.

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