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Help your users to help themselves. Quickly find what they need and give them an all-round better experience.

Your very own FAQ

It's your webpage, make sure it feels that way. Add logos, colors, and images to your FAQ so your users can recognize you.

Blazing fast search

You could Google it, but searching your knowledge base is equally simple and just as fast.

Multilingual capabilities

It doesn't matter which language your users speak, lemtalk will automatically display your articles in the right language.

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It's all right here

Why redirect your users when they can search and read articles right where they are, on your website?

Search and send in a snap on Slack

With the .faq command, your team can find and send articles speedily, without ever leaving Slack.

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There's more...

  • Create CNAME records to point to changed pages on subdomains of your website
  • Go mobile with lemtalk' mobile-friendly, responsive design
  • Show brand personality with emojis, GIFs, and videos
  • ...
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