Live chat in Slack

Chat with visitors, users and customers on your website in real-time without leaving Slack.

chat with users on your website

Live chat on your website

The Talkus widget makes it easy for users to chat with you in real-time. Just add it to your website and you're good to go.

Capture them as leads, convert them to customers.

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Speak easy with Slack

No complicated software. No switching back and forth. Just Slack.

Work fluidly, wherever you are. In all browsers, on desktop, and on mobile.

customer support in Slack
live chat in Slack


Tickets make customer support a walk in the park. Just check tickets to see if a conversation is new, or to find out who took care of an old issue.

If the channel is empty it just means there aren't any tickets you need to take care of. You're off the hook!

You can also use tickets to stay organized. Just tag a ticket to move it to a dedicated channel. Is it a tech issue? Tag the ticket and it will move to the developer team. Simple.


Talkus is in Slack, so all those great Slack features are yours to play around with.

Invite team members on Slack into a specific ticket so they can help out, or add text notes to individual visitors so it's easy to recall important information. Working together doesn't need to be complicated.

customer support in Slack

Command and conquer

Make it yours. Connect your backend and create custom responses. Adapt Talkus to make it look, feel, and sound like you.

Many channels, one meeting place

It doesn't matter how users choose to connect with you; live chat, email, text messaging, calls - you see everything in one place, Slack.

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